30 For 30: Kudos!

To celebrate Women’s History Month, we’re featuring items from the PWP Archives* each day on this blog. In looking back, we see not only where we started, but how far photography, women, and the world have come since 1975.
2011 WIN Award to PWP

2011 WIN Award to PWP

PWP was founded in the 1970s to encourage women photographers, but has always reached out to help other groups. In recent years it has been recognized for some of these efforts.

In 2009, PWP’s Community Service Committee chaired by Andy Mars and Karen Smul began to work with the organization Women In Need (WIN). Images taken by committee members of WIN people and events were used in reports and publications, helping the nonprofit raise awareness of its mission. A mentoring program was also begun to teach WIN children and their mothers about the art of photography. In 2010, in recognition of their service, Women In Need honored the PWP Community Service Committee with its Suzanne Pincus Commit to WIN Award.

Andy Mars at the 2010 WIN Awards

Andy Mars at the 2010 WIN Awards

In 2011, PWP was included in the WQXR Star Initiative that recognizes excellence in the arts.

WQXR Star Initiative

WQXR Star Initiative

In 2012, a PWP blog about PWP photographer Jane Hoffer and her images of the first NYPD women on patrol was named to Photoshelter’s list of Best Blogs of 2011:

Screen shots of the PWP Blog and Photoshelter Blog featuring PWP's article on Jane Hoffer

Screen shots of the PWP Blog and Photoshelter Blog featuring PWP’s article on Jane Hoffer

Image from the PWP blog "Sgt Pepper Uncovered" ©Jane Hoffer

Image from the PWP blog “Sgt Pepper Uncovered” ©Jane Hoffer

There has always been a lot of talent in PWP, and for many years Shoshana Rothaizer paid tribute to it each month with her compilation of member accomplishments. Called “Kudos!”, this feature listed all the shows and publications PWP photographers were in, as well as any awards they won. It was was recognition of our own, and was a much-loved feature of PWP. Though Shoshana left us too soon, she lives on in our hearts, and in the spirit of PWP to which she contributed so greatly.

1999 PWP "Kudos!" list produced by Shoshana Rothaizer

1999 PWP “Kudos!” list produced by Shoshana Rothaizer

– Catherine Kirkpatrick

*The PWP Archives were acquired by the Stuart A. Rose Manuscript, Archives, & Rare Book Library of Emory University

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