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There are a broad variety of blogs on the net that feature various photography topics. There are different topics or genres which sort the variety of resources in different ways. For example, there are photography blogs that focus on education, on the gear, or on photography businesses. But even beyond these categories, the resources on the web remain almost endless. That is why we are now starting a new series called “My Favorite Blogs”. In each issue of this new series, a PWP member can present three personal favorite photography blogs that inspire and interest her most.

Read here about my three favorite blogs:

Feature Shoot 



I follow this blog particularly because it is a very good source of inspiration for me. On Feature Shoot you will find all genres of photography: fine art, documentary, portraits, still life, landscape and much more. Besides that, you will find a broad variety of exclusive and very interesting and inspiring interviews with artists from all around the world.

Alison Zavos, who stands behind this great source of inspiration, started her blog back in 2008. She lives with her family in Brooklyn, NY.

The Phoblographer

The phoblographer Screenshot


This is the blog where I find all the latest news and trends within the photography world as well as everything about upcoming exhibitions. I like it particularly for its very “down to earth perspective.” In addition, you will find on “The Phoblographer” a broad range of very valuable photography tips.

The team behind The Phoblographer is Chris Gampat and Julius Motal – both are very experienced photographers and editors who are based in the New York area.

Fotomuseum Winterthur



This outstanding blog is one of my favorites – and not only because I’m Swiss! This blog from the popular Swiss “Fotomuseum” (=Photography Museum) aims at anyone interested in photography and visual theory. Different bloggers will cover a six-week period, during which different statements on a specific theory or aspect of photography will be discussed.

This blog is moderated by the Swiss Fotomuseum in Winterthur and is located on its website.

Reach out to me if you are interested to share your favorite blogs in a next issue of this series!

- Irene Dumas, PWP Social Media Committee

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