Renewed Faith – The PWP Student Awards Reception & Exhibition


©Noskova, Lombardo, Greenwald

Have you ever been to an event that renews your faith?  Well Saturday my faith was renewed in a group of teenagers and their parents.

Professional Women Photographers (PWP) hosts an annual event (it’s 8th year!) that’s open to New York metropolitan area high school students. (Girls only of course!)  An opportunity to see first hand what’s in the heads of teenagers these days when it comes to abstract photography.  They didn’t disappoint!

Helping with the exhibit set-up was an opportunity to “give back€ by sharing my time and there’s nothing like working in a committee to get to know others and learn the dynamics of the group.  It always takes a village to pull these events off and afterward there’s such a good feeling when you know you’ve been a small part of it and not just showing up for the event even though that’s important too.  All good stuff!

Now back to why my faith was renewed.  These kids were nice.  They had manners.  They were gracious. Their parents were present.  They were supportive and excited for their child.  They spent time.  There was no feeling they were in a hurry.  They hung out.   When I would join in and ask them about their photo, both the teenager and their parents were ecstatic.  Their eyes would light up.  Smiles would reach from ear to ear.  Words would flow.  Their enthusiasm and confidence took center stage.  And yes, at home the teenagers could be little monsters, worrying their parents silly and the parents may often be disengaged…but on Saturday someone had taught them all something and what a pleasure to experience it firsthand!

Such a warm, feel good afternoon.  I can’t wait for next year!

a future PWP member


mother and daughter – you gotta love it!


a proud family!


First place!
- Robin Craig