Art of Commerce: Call for Entry

Art of Commerce: Call for Entry

October 4th – October 29th, 2010

Opening Reception Thursday, October 7th, 2010 6:00-8:00PM

ENTRY DEADLINE: Sunday, August 1st @ 6:00PM

THEME: Commerce is an essential element of our lives. From hot dogs to real estate, the world continuously bustles with transactions big and small. Advertisers blanket the streets and airwaves with images selling goods, ideas, personalities, and ways of living. Whether paying a subway fare or working 9 to 5 at an office, most people contribute to this financial traffic on a daily basis. As a photographer, can you capture commerce in a way that elevates it from the routine?

What are the creative ways in which people do business? How do sellers tempt their customers? How does the exchange of money color interactions between people? What is the psychology behind a sale? Show us the images of commerce that you find evocative, unusual, humorous, and beyond. When artistry, insight and a fresh point of view combine, commerce becomes anything but commonplace.

This exhibit is open to all current PWP members paid up to date.  For more information and to download the call, please click here.  You must be logged in to your PWP account on the website in order to see the call.  We look forward to your submissions!