News From Our President – November 2011

Beth Portnoi Shaw

Beth Portnoi Shaw

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Volume 6 | Issue 4 | November 2011

What a busy month! Just as the leaves start turning their golden reds and yellows, they were brought down to the ground by our first October snow in the NY area.

Just a smattering of our activites:

Flo Fox was our guest speaker at our November 2nd meeting:

Our second group traveled to Cuba. We can’t wait to see those images!

PWP’s booth at the PDN PhotoPlus Expo at the Jacob Javitz Center October 27-29th was a smashing success and generated lots of interest in the work and the support we provide women photographers.

We honored our Volunteer of the Year, Jackie Neale Chadwick, at our annual Volunteer Ceremony.

We are now on YouTube! See you soon!

Beth Portnoi Shaw, President

PWP at PDN's Photo Expo ©Andy Mars

PWP at PDN's Photo Expo ©Andy Mars

We had a very successful table at PDN’s PhotoPlus Expo.

Help me send an especially large thank you to Andy Mars and her marshalling of volunteers who ‘womaned’ our table to help spread the world. I especially loved meeting and actually hearing from you, both within the organization and from the outside.

Special thanks to Andy’s team, including Sheila Bernard, Sandy Alpert, Ventiko, Yvonne Carella, Joann Frechette, Anne Sager, Leslie Granda-Hill, Jane Hoffer, Ann Littlejohn, Paula Berg, Trish Mayo, Patricia Gilman, Maddi Ring, Jackie Weisberg, Sheila Smith, and Roxanne Abrams.

And also thank you to all the PWP members who stopped by for their support. A special thanks to Jane Hoffer for help setting up the booth, Leslie Granda-Hill for help closing shop and Joan Tedeschi for  helping close down the exhibit and transportation assistance…. We could not have done it without you!


©Trish Mayo

©Trish Mayo

On Oct. 24th, a wonderful time was had by all at Citrus Restaurant where we held our annual celebration welcoming our new members, thanking our many hard-working volunteers, and consuming great food and libations.

Maddi Ring, Patricia Gilman, and Karen Smul received Certificates of Appreciation for pouring their hearts and souls into the organization, as did Mary Newman and Katie Mantell who weren’t able to attend.

Jackie Neale Chadwick received our highest award – Volunteer Of The Year, although Jackie couldn’t be with us due to a family obligation in Italy. Jackie sent us a “thank you” bouquet and was with us in spirit.

Volunteer this year! Celebrate with us next year!

Plus we met some of our newest members, who traveled from locations as varied as down the block and from Costa Rica. It was great to meet you and put names to faces!


Our wonderful Community Service Committee wanted to reach out to all of you to volunteer- do good for yourself by doing good for others. These two videos give but a tiny inkling to the good PWP has done in our community. Help us continue! Email Andy Mars to find out how to help.

 PWP Wins the Suzanne Pincus Commit to WIN Award

PWP and Learning Leaders Exhibit Opening


The Exhibitions Committee has a number of projects in the works and always welcomes PWP member volunteers. It is a great way to learn about jurying and curating as well as forging great friendships within the organization. Contact Fabienne Cuter if you are interested at


November 2nd Meeting

©Doriet Chicester

©Doriet Chicester

Flo Fox bought her first SLR, a Minolta 101 35mm camera, in 1972. Ms. Fox has always searched for ironic images or subjects with historical value. Flo was born blind in one eye and saw everything on a two- dimensional plane and this spurred her constant search for depth in the world around her.  After her first exhibit in London in the Photographers’ Gallery in 1974 she became visually impaired in her good eye due to the onset of Multiple Sclerosis. Despite this handicap, Flo Fox has continued to photograph and has taught photography classes for the blind and visually impaired.

Flo continued photographing the world around her, but since 1999 due to complications from Multiple Sclerosis, Flo can no longer hold a camera so she directs her friends and attendants to take the images she desires. Her work is in the permanent collections of the Brooklyn Museum and in the Smithsonian Museum

Click here  for more information.


We are always on the lookout for volunteers to do Member-to-Member workshops. If you have any great workshop ideas, please contact Ruth Gitto, Program Director at


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