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A Women's World
Exhibition: March 2 - 23, 2011 12:00am
Herald Square
New York, NY

In celebration of Women’s History Month, Macy’s has generously donated their 8th floor walls across from Au Bon Pain for “A Woman’s World” Exhibition.

THEME: There was a time when a woman’s world was confined to the home. To venture out meant that others were unable to support her, or she was thought to be brazen. Today, women have equal opportunities, working in most spheres once limited to men, even rising to leadership positions. Still, it cannot be ignored that in parts of the world, including in the U.S., gender separation and inequality remains deeply ingrained, both culturally and politically.What is universal is no matter what their work, women the world over are typically courageous, flexible, and able to handle a multiplicity of responsibilities and problems not only their own, but those of their families and communities.In this exhibition during Women’s History Month, we would like to recognize the strengths of women by celebrating their advancement outside of the home, and honoring the importance of their work within it. A Woman’s World is not an either/or world. We would like to see images that reflect women’s achievements and happiness, while not turning away from the difficulties, even abuses, that many face everywhere. A Woman’s World is a real world. How would you like to picture it? ELIGIBILITY: Open to all current PWP members paid up to date. All types of photography-based work may be entered, including color or black and white, film or digital, straight photography or alternative processes, photo collage and montage. Maximum size framed up to 20” by 24”. Due to space issues, the exhibition committee may determine it is necessary to limit frame size to 16” X 20”, depending on number and size of submissions. Work previously exhibited in a PWP show is ineligible. Submission to a PWP exhibition does not guarantee acceptance. ENTRY PROCEDURE: We are not accepting entries by mail for this call. Entries must be submitted online and payments will be accepted by credit card. To submit, log in to your account and download the PDF for instructions.