Member Profile: Elizabeth Currier

SPECIALTIES: Black & White, Fine Art, Nature, Scenics, Street Photography

HOME PHONE: 212-281-8807

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  • BOOK: Living off the Street: The Iron Triangle & Sherman Creek (Self Published on 12/20/21)
    WHERE TO BUY: Mixbook
    WHEN: 11/21/21
    Honorable Mention: Julia Margaret Cameron International Competition
  • BOOK: The Salton Sea: A Cautionary Tale (Self Published on 6/21/21)
    WHERE TO BUY: Blurb
  • BOOK: Witness to the 5th Year Celebration of Nicaragua's Revolution (Self Published on 6/21/21)
    WHEN: 6/10/18 - 8/7/18
    OPENING RECEPTION: 7/10/18 12:00am
    ADDRESS: The Grinnell, 800 Riverside Drive, NYC, NY, 10032
    NOTES: " A Sense of Place" about Audubon Park