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We, Au Naturel @ Opening SohoPhoto Gallery
January 6, 2015 6:00pm-8:00pm
15 White Street
New York, NY
Tickets not required

We, Au Naturel is a PWP traveling exhibition that explores the look of women's bodies. The show is comprised of details of real women's bodies printed on individual 8" x 8" metal squares. The squares create a mosaic of juxtapositions, abstractions and disjointedness with strong visual impact from every viewing angle.

It was first viewed at Brooklyn Fire Proof in Bushwick and at PWP's PDN booth at the Jacob Javitz Convention Center in March and October of 2014 respectively.

It now finds a home as a guest exhibiton SohoPhoto Gallery where We, Au Naturel will be showcased on the second floor as a new installation in a very different space.

If you have any questions please email Joann Frechette at, or Jane Hoffer at