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PWP Book Club Discussion
November 8, 2023 5:00pm-6:15pm
Instructor/Leader: Irene Wolpert
Registration Closed

PWP Book Club Discussion 




Coordinator: Irene Wolpert 


Still Pictures: On Photography and Memory

by Janet Malcolm


(The book title shown above is a hyperlink to the listing on Amazon.) 


This is an online, member-only meeting. A Zoom link will be sent to everyone who RSVPs.


Please sign up to attend only if you've read or attempted to read the book.


5:00 - Social interaction

5:15 – Book discussion begins


From the Back of Still Pictures:

“There is a box in my apartment labeled "Old Not Good Photos." This is an understatement. Most of the photos are two-and-a-half-inch squares, showing little blurred black-and-white images, taken from too far away, of people whose features you can barely make out, standing or sitting alone or in groups, against backgrounds of gray uninterestingness. They are like the barely flickering dreams that dissipate as we awaken, rather than the self-important ones that follow us into the day and seem to be crying out for interpretation. However, as psychoanalysis has taught us, it is the least prepossessing dreams, disguised as such to put us off the scent, that sometimes bear the most important messages from inner life. So, too, some of the drab little photographs, if stared at long enough, begin to speak to us.”


RSVP by 12 noon EST on November 6th.