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PWP Photo Circle
February 14, 2021 3:30pm-5:00pm
Registration Closed

Introducing the PWP Photo Circle!

Join us for the first of our discussion sessions where you can share, learn and connect with with other members. 

Each attendee must bring ONE photo to share and discuss with a small group of PWP members.

This is not a photo review. You will not receive instruction, but will receive constructive critique and encouragement. 

There will be a moderator in each small group to ensure that each member only brings ONE image and each image receives the same amount of time for discussion. The moderator is not there to teach. 

The RSVP deadline is February 10th. There will be no admissions after this date. If you have issues signing up, please email

Attendees will be contacted of February 12th to submit the images that they plan to share with the group. Please have your image selected by that time. 

We're very excited to offer this opportuity to active PWP members and look forward to seeing your photos and having insightful conversations that will have a positive impact on your work.