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Field Trip to MANA with a Tour AGAIN!
July 13, 2017 10:00am
(short ride on PATH train)
Jersey City, NJ
Instructor/Leader: Claudia Shorens

PWP Professional art tour: A (nearby) Field trip to MANA

Organized by Claudia Shorens, named inaugural ICP Mana Artist-in-Residence in 2017.

DATE: Wednesday, July 13, 2017

TIME: 10:00 - 2 PM

LOCATION:  Mana, Jersey City, NJ


1) ICP Archivist will show and discuss some of ICP's historic images/collections.

2) three gallery shows

3) three studio visits with resident artists.

4) personal choice: A potential to do some local neighborhood photography following the formal tour (after 2 pm), local restaurant or return to the PATH train.

Mana a historic building in Jersey City, is named after the former owner. Built in the 1920s it was a tobacco factory and later a warehouse for a furniture store. As such its large rooms, high ceilings, big windows and well built foundation is perfect to repurpose for the arts.

In 2011 it was acquired by an art organization and now houses the archives of recognized museums (such as ICP and Historical Society of New York), and provides exhibit space and artists studios for both established artists and young emerging students. It will eventually encompass a footprint of more than two million sq ft.  Through its integrated architectural design, Mana offers exceptional services, spaces, and programming for the greater creative community.


NOTE:  LIMITED to 15 people

Produced by Barbara Nelson PWP, ASMP, WICI.

Organized by Claudia Shorens. Shorens has exhibited across New York and internationally, she organizes independent curatorial projects including "What is a photograph?" at the 2013 Dumbor Arts Festival. She has served as a mentor for NYFA’s Immigrant Artist Program as well as for Transart Institute. Shorens is currently artist in residence with Artists Space and BRIC, and faculty at the International Center for Photography and Pratt Institute. She received an MA in Media and Communications from the European Graduate School in Switzerland (EGS), where she is a PhD candidate in Media and Communications.