Event Recap: Sharon Core - Still Life/Fine Art Photographer

On Wednesday, October 9th, still life photographer Sharon Core will speak at Professional Women Photographers. Core is a master art photographer specializing in recreating, with her own twists, a body of unique still lifes that at first glance do not register as photographs but paintings. She doesn't copy the work but absorbs it by creating her own amazing images in the style and spirit of the painters she admires.

For her first major body of work, she reproduced the pop artist Wayne Theibold's famous series of cakes, which he had painted from photographs he took and then translated. Sharon reversed the process. She actually baked the cakes with their distorted perspectives, and then photographed them for her first major gallery show...which like any great desserts, completely sold out.

After seeing the still life paintings of Raphael Peale (1774 - 1825), one of the Peale family of great American painters, she took it a step further by recreating the essence of his paintings in her own photography. Sharon grew her own antique vegetables and flowers in her garden and found vintage vases and props from the same era to incorporate in her own still lifes.

Core is represented by the Yancy Richardson Gallery.

The Curtain Raiser will be PWP member Cynthia Fleury.

6:00 - 6:30: Member and Guest Meet & Greet

A great chance for new members and guests to meet and chat with PWP
Board members before the lecture.

6:30: Lecture by Sharon Core

Free to PWP members, $10 to non-members (pay at the door).
Open to the public. Contact info@pwponline.org for more information.

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