Event Recap: Monthly Meeting - with Jean Miele!

6:00 - 6:30: Member and Guest Meet & Greet
6:30: Curtain Raiser
6:40: Jean "Gino" Miele - Artists Talk

In this artist’s talk, Jean “Gino” Miele will present photographs from Norway, Iceland, and all over the U.S. He’ll also share his thoughts about creativity and perception – and how "the way we see things changes them, and the way we are seen changes us." The evening will also include a participatory mini-workshop on "How to Talk and Write About Your Work." Together, we will explore the question "What are your photographs about?" in a way that moves beyond beyond talking about technical details, and teaches you to describe your work in a more direct and meaningful way.

To find out more about Gino's work, upcoming photography workshops, and private lessons here in New York, please visit www.jeanmiele.com and facebook.com/JeanMielePhotographer

Detailed directions to the Metropolitan Opera Guild with map and street views.