Event Recap: Green-Wood Cemetery Workshop in Brooklyn

Green-Wood Cemetery, founded in 1838 and now a National Historic Landmark, was one of the first rural cemeteries in America. Visit 478 spectacular acres of hills, valley, ponds and paths throughout in which exists one of the largest outdoor collections of 19th and 20th century statuary and mausoleums.  The finest of first generation American Landscapes, it helped inspire the creation of public parks, including  Central Park and Prospect Parks.

A magnet for history buffs and bird watchers, Green Wood was a Revolutionary War historic site (the Battle of Long Island -1776).  It is a registered member of the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary System.  In 2006 Green-Wood was designated a National Historic Landmark by US Dept. of Interior, which recognized its national significance in art, architecture, landscaping and history.

This workshop will include working with lens choice, distance and selective focus, isolating elements in powerful ways both foreground and background, through combinations of distance, lens choice and aperture.

Other techniques as opportunity appears.  Should be some fall colors as well. The location is perfect for the learning and practice of creative skills.  There are some fabulous views of the Statue of Liberty, Red Hook, lower Manhattan and other skylines from various parts of Green-Wood.