Event Recap: Field Trip to MANA with a Tour AGAIN!

MANA ART TOUR.  Open to visitors by invitation only, a group from PWP made a return visit.

 MANA An historic building (1920's) located in Jersey City now houses achieves of recognized museums (ICP, Historical Society of New York, Magnum and more), provides exhibit space and artists studios for both established and emerging artists.  Some student programs as well. 

 We saw more of the archives from International Center of Photography including a large collection of Life Magazine's historical images (Margaret Burke White, Eugene Smith and more)

 A large exhibition of 19 Andy Warhol's original Silk Screens was stunning both in depth of the images and curating of the show. Some images seldom seen in art galleries - including "electric chair" (original chair in Sing Sing used in the execution of the Rosenbergs), "Love". We saw a new depth in Warhol's creative life.  (under lock and key  - MANA personal opened it for us)

 Intriguing creative use of the "fifth wall" - the floor - hosts the exhibit of unrelated artists and themes - forming patterns that lead the eyes and feet through the images. (curated by Claudia Sohrens)

 Most interesting was to see talented artists from many countries on visiting residencies (from one month to one year) working on their projects

 Future visits will be planned as there are always new artists, exhibits and historical work to to see - often not available elsewhere.