Event Recap: Sunday Afternoon Talk featuring Michelle Viljoen


Michelle Viljoen is a Cape Town born photographer and creative director with over 12 years of experience. Having cut her teeth on branding and photography campaigns for Virgin Active, Land Rover, and Skillshare, she currently focuses on creative direction as the principal of Studio Collective, a global design firm she founded in 2017.

After studying fine arts and graphic design she journeyed into the world of fashion photography. 

Over the last few years, Michelle has developed a passion for street photography, accumulating a body of work that focuses on documenting the quiet and often unnoticed moments of quotidian life in big cities around the world. 

She has always had a fascination with anthropology, especially how we as a society behave around strangers in those moments when we briefly let our guard down. She attempts to capture moments of raw emotion that she connects with and in doing so hopes to incite connection and emotion within the viewer too. 

Most recently her work was included in “Hopes and Dreams” by The Barnard Gallery and About Space (during NFT Miami).  

Michelle is a founding member of The RAW DAO which has been incubated by Fingerprints DAO, she is currently serving as a member of the first Curation Committee. Michelle is also on the curation committee for NFT Photographers.

Most recently Michelle has joined the team at Obscura as a core contributor and marketing lead.