Story Behind the Shot

PWP Member Regina Wypych shares two photographs and the stories behind them.


This photograph creatively expresses two events that have taken place in my life. The first is the Empire State Building made from Rockefeller Center on my first visit to New York City. It is also my first view of the city from above. When I took it I was feeling enchanted by this enormous city. The second is shooting a model, Milena Kraińska, also in NYC on the roof of a skyscraper at 63rd street and 2nd avenue. 

In the finished work I see a woman who climbs the roofs of New York, alone with confidence, faith and grace. Her face is hidden and mysterious. She can be any one of us. Her wind blown dress is floating but she still sits gracefully, like a sculpture, motionless and without fear. We are women who in spite of adversity can climb to the top of NYC. And, as my mom says, you should be a gentlewoman in any situation. Strength, grace, adversity, straggle, courage, trust, and rise above it all.


I’m fascinated by the space that surrounds us. I boiled a tomato to remove the peel and I saw the flashing bubbles, one by one. Immediately I flew to get my camera and I took this photo. It looks like a planet orbiting in the universe. I felt like I had wandered into the cosmos. Through the lens we are able to enter the depths of the universe, and even on the ordinary tomato you can see something extraordinary. Even a tomato is able to stimulate my imagination.


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