Museum Insider: Sunset at the Met!

Donna Rocco, Museum InsiderThe Met is one the best places to see great works of art, but did you also know it has one of the most gorgeous views (especially at sunset) of New York City and and Central Park? Pick a sunny day and grab your camera and head to the museum. Take the elevator to the fifth floor and walk through the double doors to experience the latest Roof Garden Commission by artist Pierre Huyghe. While your visiting the outdoor exhibit why not stay for a bit and try a signature cocktail and photograph the setting sun.

On view until November 1st.

photo 1 photo 2©Donna Rocco

Donna Rocco has loved photography from the moment she held her first camera in her hands. She has worked as a photographer for over two decades in areas including: advertising, editorial, live action, sports, promotion and portrait. She can be reached at to discuss photography projects, publishing and shoot availability.

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